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Roof Coating for a Leaking Roof

Understanding Roof Coatings

Roof coating application is the process of protecting and extending the life of a Roofer Bronx NY system that has already been installed. Roof coatings are done by using a thick coating formula that typically includes high-quality resins.

Each commercial roof coating application adds another layer of defense. The resins in the coating formula contribute to the coating's elastic properties throughout its life cycle. The roof coating cures to form a new monolithic layer. When combined, the formula provides additional waterproofing attributes that make the roof coating link small cracks and edges found on roofs.

Are Roof Leaks Affecting Your Business?

Is leaking water causing product damage in your facility? Are your workers tripping over buckets on their way to the restroom? Do your tenants threaten to break their leases because of the constant leaks in the roof? Seek advice from experts.

Rather than installing a new commercial roofing system, a fluid-applied coating can extend the life of your current roof while also keeping your building dry and cool. Roof Coating Bronx ensures your business is protected from rain, snow, and sun all year long with a complete material and labor warranty and the assistance of an educated group of roofing craftsmen.

Why Should You Get a Coated Roof?

Heat Reflection: A reflective, light-colored monolithic roof directs solar energy away from the top of your building, keeping it cooler and more comfortable.

Energy Savings: A cooler roof reduces the heat load on your air conditioning equipment, saving you money on both monthly energy costs and Roof Repair Bronx costs.

Assisting You in Selecting the Best Roof Coating System

We research and partner with multiple coating manufacturers to ensure you get the right one for your facility. Our goal is to sell you a roof that is the best fit for you, not the best sale. Education is essential to the process.

After you've learned about the various roof coatings on the market, you'll need to decide which is best for your roof. Many factors must be considered, including the materials used on your roof, as well as its size and slope. Considering all of these factors will assist you in making the best choice for a rehabilitative and protective coating. The weather also determines the type of roof coating you require.

The temperature levels in your area will be a good indicator of the damage your roof system may sustain. It will also tell you what type of coating your roof will require. When choosing the suitable roof coating, the seasons in your specific location will also play a role. Overall, the weather, sun exposure, rainfall, and snow possibilities will all play a role in determining which roof coating will be able to withstand the damage it will face.

Based on these factors, you'll want to find a roof coating that provides the benefits and protection that your particular roof requires. Fortunately, Roof Coating Bronx can collaborate with you to create the ideal roof coating factor.

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