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If you see something clinging to your roof shingles that were not there before, it must be algae or moss. Although algae may not cause much damage to your roof shingles, moss can. Mosses thrive in damp or shady conditions and may accumulate over time. It can spread, holding moisture, which can cause the roof to tear or make the edges of the roof curl upward. In cases of strong winds, this damage may uproot your roof. Some roof leak problems can be attributed to some tears or holes in the roof brought about by moisture softening the material or moss tearing through. That is why you need to have roof cleaning Bronx.

Hire a Professional to Clean Your Roof

Roof cleaning can prolong your roof’s life by removing the dirt, algae, and moss that may wear your roof down. It might be tempting to grab a pressure cleaner, climb up and clean the roof yourself. However, if you do not know what you are doing, you might do more damage than good. Not to mention, it is dangerous. A small slip and you might fall off and get injured. Let the professionals of roof cleaning Bronx do it for you. They are trained and experienced in such a field, not just balancing on top but also knowing where to clean.

No Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is excellent for washing parts of your home like the garage, the house exterior, or outdoor furniture. But, it might not be the best option for removing moss or algae in your roof. Pressure washing can actually damage your roof shingles. After all, most pressure washers are not designed for roof cleaning work. The jet of water can cause significant damage to your roof shingles. In addition, the water pressure can seep in through the adhesive that is holding your roof together, weakening it. If you want to remove moss, soft washing is the way to go. Its pressure is not strong enough to damage the shingles but is just right to remove unnecessary dirt and moss.

Installing New Shingles Atop Moss-covered Shingles

Some homeowners think installing new shingles atop moss-covered shingles is an alternative solution to the moss problem. It would be less costly than having a Roof Replacement Bronx, where the shingles would all have to be replaced. However, this might give rise to a new set of problems. If the moss growth is already severe, it might have compromised the underlayment. This might damage the quality of your new roof.

When faced with a moss and algae-covered Roofer Bronx NY, it might be time for a roof cleaning. The focus of roof cleaning Bronx is to remove the moss, algae, and other harmful things that cling to your roof. Roof cleaning is an investment for your home. With proper maintenance and roof cleaning, your roof may last longer. You would not have to worry about a new roof installation or replacement anytime soon. Roof cleaning Bronx offers the best roof cleaning services. Schedule a roof inspection and roof cleaning for your home today.

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